Haven’t worked out in a while? You’re not alone. Plenty of our members hadn’t worked out in years – or decades – before coming to ClubRX. Our job is to take you from where you are now to your ideal level of fitness in as short a time as possible. All you have to do is make the commitment and show up.

Our onboarding process starts with a complete physical assessment, measuring your flexibility, strength, range of motion, and body mechanics. We then offer an individualized personal training program that builds your skills, endurance, and personal confidence while acclimating you to our group fitness format. By the end of your training – usually just a few short weeks – you will be ready to thrive in our group classes and see your physical performance skyrocket.

Interested in learning more? Send an email or call us at (858) 597-9228 to speak to one of our trainers.

What if I have a broken body part?

Plenty of people have suffered minor injuries before coming to ClubRX; our job is to build your body beyond the level of your weakest link. A minor injury is no excuse for not working out.

Our programming at ClubRX recognizes that broken parts happen. We help you in two important ways. First, we incorporate physical therapy into our workouts to help you gradually improve functioning in torn muscles or arthritic joints. This, over time, will help you improve mobility and reduce pain where you need it the most. Second, we train you how to protect your weak areas by modifying certain exercises so that you can experience a full workout without re-injury.

We can work around most injuries, including torn rotator cuff, back pain, or arthritis. Our trainers will assess you on your first visit and let you know our recommendations for building your strength and modifying movements so that your body gets stronger despite minor limitations.