A huge part of exercising is not getting hurt.

You simply can’t get fit if you’re on the bench nursing a sore hamstring, twisted knee or a bad back. Injuries like these can derail your momentum, especially when you’re just getting started with exercise.

One of the most important areas of the body to protect is your shoulders. In fact, more people complain of shoulder pain than any other body part other than back and knees.

The prevalence of rotator cuff tears is also super-high, with anywhere from 30-50% of people with undiagnosed rotator cuff injuries. The reason for this is likely that most of us don’t work the four muscles that surround the shoulder joint and hold the upper arm into the shoulder socket. It’s your rotator cuff’s job to hold your arm tight into the socket and to rotate the arm within the joint.

Simple movements like throwing or catching a ball, or even swinging a golf club can put stress on your rotator cuff and pull your arm out of its socket. Think of your rotator cuff like a rubber band.  If you stretch it too far the band will fray or tear.

So what should you do?

Before any strenuous activity, and at least 3-4 times per week, do the rotator cuff exercises in this video:


Make them a fundamental part of your workout. In a matter of weeks you may see a reduction in pain and an improvement in functioning. In no time you’ll be able to exercise at high intensity and swing your golf club freely with worrying about shoulder pain or injuries.

Better yet, come into the gym. We’ll make sure you do the them the right way for maximum benefit. If you’re new to ClubRX, try a free week and we’ll get you started.