What is RX5 Nutrition?

Rx5 Nutrition is the scientifically proven way to reach your fitness goals fast.

It’s a complete turnkey solution to getting the exact nutrients, fats and proteins you need to boost your metabolism and shred fat – and at the same time, keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar in the normal range.

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RX5 Nutrition Program meal service


  1. “The Science of Natural Health” by Dr. David Clayton
  2. A 90-day meal plan guide written by Dr. Clayton
  3. Fresh, all-natural RX5 meals delivered weekly
  4. A simple log book to track your progress
  5. Delicious recipes to supplement the RX5 meals
  6. A Shopping checklist and pantry guide
  7. 24/7 email support by Dr. Clayton


  1. Lose fat and build lean muscle
  2. Have more energy
  3. Spike your metabolism
  4. Healthy meals on hand when there’s no time to cook
  5. Stabilize your blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol
  6. A lifestyle change, not a fad or a diet
  7. Long term, lasting results you can count on

    RX5 is a turnkey nutrition system that provides education and tools to lose body fat for life and give you the confidence that your weight is off for good.

About Dr. David Clayton

Physician and founder of ClubRX, Dr. Dave Clayton is a nutrition and fitness expert who has helped hundreds of people improve their health and meet their fitness goals. His unique approach to high-intensity training is backed by a nutrition program designed to help you burn fat for life. His fresh take on the popular Paleo diet harnesses the healing powers of natural meats, fruits, and vegetables to truly transform the way your body functions. And now Dr. Clayton has turned this powerful diet into a delicious line of ready-to-eat meals that will jump start your metabolism and turn fat into lean muscle.

Dr. Clayton’s nutrition and fitness programs have been featured on KPBS, KUSI News, The San Diego Business Jounal, The Washington Post, and more. He is a highly sought-after speaker on health and nutrition and holds regular seminars on nutrition right here at ClubRX.

Dr. Dave Clayton, founder of ClubRx in San Diego, CA


Ken lost 60 pounds in 6 months on RX5 Nutrition!
*“I’ve been on diets before, but nothing like RX5. With RX5 I eat real food, learn great recipes, and I’ve lost over 60 lbs in 6 months. The weight keeps coming off!”
Ken C.


Start with Phase 1 – 15 meals a week.
Shred fat quickly with 3 meals a day for five days. Follow our recipes and guides for the other two days.

Move on to Phase 2 – 10 meals a week. 
Continue to boost your metabolism and burn fat with 2 meals a day for five days, make more of your own meals using our recipes and following the nutrition guides.

Phase 3 (Maintenance) – 5 meals a week.
Once you reach your fitness goal, maintain it with one meal a day for 5 days. This is a great way to fill in lunches or dinners when don’t have time to prepare your own food. Stay in Phase 3 as long as you like for maintenance.

Here’s how to get started with RX5 Nutrition


5, 10, OR 15 PACKS A WEEK


RX5 nutrition guide and tools


Is RX5 Nutrition a diet?

No! Most diets fail because they put the focus on counting calories or points instead of nutritional value. The RX5 Nutrition system simply teaches you how create a lifestyle of eating the right balance of the right foods.

Is RX5 a do-it-yourself system?

RX5 is part do-it-yourself, part done-for-you. We give you loads of tools, resources and recipes to prepare your own healthy foods. The done-for-you part is the RX5 meals, which will jump start your progress and maximize your results with the program. RX5 meals are for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are delivered to the gym weekly.

Do I have to count calories with RX5 Nutrition?

No. By eating the foods we teach you, you don’t need to count calories or points. We teach you what foods to eat to maximize your metabolic conditioning for best results.

How does the RX5 Nutrition system work?

There are three phases to the system that take you from fat shredding to conditioning and then maintenance. When you start, you’ll get 15 RX5 meals a week and then gradually scale down to Phase 3, our maintenance phase, with only 5 RX5 meals a week.

What if I want to skip Phase 1 and do Phase 3?

Absolutely, you can do that! Many people love the convenience of grabbing a 5-pack when they’re too busy to cook.  While we recommend that you start at Phase 1 for maximum results, you can decide what phase is best for you.

What does a typical RX5 meal look like?

RX5 meals are made fresh each week from all-natural, seasonal ingredients. They are gluten-free, low carb and low sodium. A typical dinner would be blackened flat iron steak with roasted brussel sprouts or walnut and flax seed chicken with kale and broccoli.

How do I order the RX5 meals?

You can order monthly and weekly packs of 5, 10, or 15 meals here. As an example of a monthly order, if you order a 15-pack you’ll receive a total of 60 meals for the month, with 15 fresh meals delivered each week. You can also order one week’s worth of meals, which is a great way to sample the program before you get started.

Can I select my own meals?

We do not offer custom selection at this time. All of our meals are assorted and selected by our chef from a variety of seasonal, fresh ingredients. Trust us – every meal is delicious and nutrient-packed!

Can you deliver the food to my home or office?

We do not offer home or office delivery at this time. You can pick your meals up at the gym on Mondays and Thursdays.

How easy is it to follow the program when I’m eating out or traveling?

It’s very easy! Life is meant to be lived, and that includes eating out and eating on the go. Once you learn the basic principles of eating the RX5 Nutrition way, you’ll be able to eat at almost any restaurant and still lose fat! And you’ll know the exact snacks to prepare when traveling too.

*Individual results may vary.