We get it. It can be super intimidating to walk into a gym and think about pushing yourself hard, especially if it’s been a while since you stepped foot in a gym. Or maybe you’ve been doing something that’s lighter, like the elliptical or the treadmill, and you’re not used to pushing  your body.

At ClubRX you meet with a personal trainer first. You get 90 minutes, minimum, one on one with a trainer to evaluate your body. You’ll learn the structure of the workouts and the elements of each and every exercise so you get comfortable.

And that’s the time that you can say: Hey I’ve got a bad back or shoulder. That’s okay… everybody’s got a weak spot and our job is to build those body parts along with the rest of you so that you’re able to get the most effective workout without injuries.

Once you’re done with that personal training session, you should feel comfortable getting in on a workout and then slowly improving your own cardio performance and then strength, power and flexibility in your own time frame.

Some people at ClubRX are triathletes and they come in with an excellent level of fitness and they just need to boost certain areas of their fitness. Others haven’t worked out in 10, 20, or even 30 years and we’re starting from scratch and building them right alongside their peers.

And the great thing is no matter where you think you are when you start, 90 days in to this and you’re going to feel like a pro. It doesn’t take that long for you to get comfortable with the workouts, to get comfortable with your own body and knowing where you can push yourself, and then feel comfortable pushing the limits and seeing those results.

90 days is all it takes to get past that apprehension and really get comfortable, and then proficient.

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