I remember how boring it was when I worked out at the big box gyms. I would walk in, navigate the equipment and then do bicep curls or squats and get on the elliptical or treadmill for 20, 30, or 40 minutes at a time. It was just boring and uninspiring. And since I wasn’t getting great results, I never looked forward my workouts.

At ClubRX, we really tried to change all that by looking at what makes fitness fun. We leverage team sports, and group people together and encourage you with a little bit of friendly competition as we push you doing constantly varied workouts.

We’ve got ropes and we’ve got rings and box steps and all sorts of equipment that changes everyday.

So whenever you come in for a workout, it’s a big surprise. You come through the door, and we’re going to surprise you with what you’re going to do today. A lot of thought will have gone in to the workout and how we’re going to move your body, but also how to keep you motivated and encourage you to have fun in the gym so that the fitness itself is secondary.

You’re going to have so much fun showing up and exercising, the results are going to come by themselves. So you don’t need to have that same level of dedication, you just need to come here with an open mind looking to have fun and we’re going to curate the whole workout to make sure it’s the best experience possible.

What you’ll find is that over time, this is going to be the part of your week that you look forward to the most, because it will take your workout to a level you’ve never seen before.