Baby Boomer Bootcamp at ClubRX

Fox 5 called it San Diego’s Baby Boomer Bootcamp.

We call it Living Your Best Life.

Either way, everyone was burning hard and having fun when Fox 5 came to ClubRX last month to see the latest sensation in fitness. Heather Lake of Fox 5 joined me in doing a few burpees for the cameras while our […]

Workout Anywhere With Us

There’s nothing better than feeling the energy of a cross-training class in action…the heat, the sweat, the music, and the camaraderie that comes from working out shoulder-to-shoulder with your peers. Sadly, all too often work or vacation takes you to exotic (or not so exotic) locations where there is no ClubRX and no one to […]

Why You Need Fitness Footwear You Can Pounce On

Recently I found myself at Midas asking my mechanic if quality really matters when it comes to tires. You can guess that I was secretly hoping that he would nudge me toward the discount rack.

He responded with complete surprise at my question. The mere thought of me trusting my car and my family with anything […]

Why High Intensity Workouts Are So Much Better Than Walking

What would you say if I could give you a pill that could reduce your risk of death over the next 10 years by almost 90% and reduce your risk of dying from cancer alone by almost 70%?

Unfortunately that pill doesn’t exist, but there is something that can give you this amazing benefit.

It’s high intensity […]