Breakfast of Champions: The Omega-3 Gluten-Free Muffin

It is a true luxury to be able to lounge around in the morning without places to go and people to see. Afforded the luxury of time, you can prepare a splendid assortment of eggs, meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts worthy of our caveman ancestors. After all, they didn’t have to go to work by […]

Dr. Dave’s Antioxidant Chocolate Pudding

Eating healthy should be as tasty as it is effective. What could be better than living a long time, in excellent health, loving every bite of food along the way?

In our quest for excellent health, antioxidants are one of the most commonly overlooked – and most tasty – elements of a truly healthy diet. Antioxidants […]

Vitamin D: The One Vitamin You Shouldn’t Be Without

If you’re following a healthy diet you probably don’t need a whole lot of vitamins since you get plenty in the food you eat. But the one vitamin you won’t find in food is vitamin D. In fact, only oily fish like salmon and cod have any appreciable levels of vitamin D. We typically rely […]

Should You Take CoQ10 and Red Yeast Rice Together?

CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that is produced by most tissues in the human body. We get CoQ10 from the food we eat, and we make it ourselves to help protect our cells from oxidative damage.

There is a theoretical advantage to taking CoQ10 with statins, as the active compound in statins inhibits production of CoQ10 by […]

How to Plan Your Nutrition Before, During and After a Workout

In our twenties we generally are looking to pound the protein to build lean muscle and work toward those ever-elusive six-pack abs. After we hit 40 or 50, few of us are aspiring to the six pack but we definitely want to stay trim, healthy, and toned.

So as you’re working out, what’s the best way […]

How to Reduce Cholesterol Levels with Red Yeast Rice

Over 70 million people take cholesterol medicine every day, making it about a $20 billion annual market.

While it’s certainly true that lowering your cholesterol can greatly reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, is prescription medication really the best way to reduce cholesterol levels?

Making some simple dietary changes like reducing the amount of […]

4 Ways to Boost Your Good Cholesterol

Having a low HDL, or good cholesterol, is a tough problem to have. HDL cholesterol carries cholesterol away from the arteries, clearing out the blockages that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Low HDL is only one risk factor for a heart attack, but it’s the only one for which no medicine exists. […]

Can You Add Red Yeast Rice to Your Smoothie?

Kicking off our Q&A Series, this question came in from one of our members: Can I open up my capsules of red yeast rice and add to a smoothie instead of taking them whole?

Absolutely. There’s nothing special about the red yeast rice capsule itself that enhances the effectiveness of your supplements. The only benefit to […]

The Four Phases of Fitness After 50 [Skills, Stamina, Strength, Power]

When you’re just getting back into fitness after 50, or if you are ramping up the intensity after a slow period, you might run the risk of overdoing it and ending up sore or injured. So what’s the best way to increase your work effort and maximize your gains while minimizing your risk of pain […]

Fitness Over 50: Must-Read Tips to Improve Your Power, Flexibility, and Mobility

Turning fifty is a great turning point in our lives. We’ve raised families and seen our kids (and maybe grandkids) grow up. We’ve had successful careers and made a real impact with our work. Yet when we hit the gym all of this success seems to fade away and we feel old and sore relative […]