Ever wonder how long and happy your life will be? Now you can find out with a simple test you can do right at home. Even better, you can extend your life quickly by improving your score.

Researchers in Brazil have discovered that how easily you can get up from the ground determines your life expectancy.

The test is simple. You sit down on the ground, then you get back up again. Easy enough. Now comes the hard part.

Look ma, no hands

You start with 10 points, and every time you need to use your hands, knees, or legs for support you lose a point. Your score is 10 minus the number of times you need support on the way up or down. A good score is 8 or above (e.g., if you need to put your hand on the ground only once on the way up and once on the way down). The more times you need assistance, the lower your score.

Give it a try for yourself. You can see a video of the test and how the scoring works here. Take as many tries as you need to feel comfortable with your best effort. Write down your best score.

Now let’s see what it means.

For adults aged 50-80, higher scores predicted a longer lifespan. Over the 6+ years of follow up, people with the lowest scores were 5-6 times more likely to have shortened lifespans than people who scored 8 or above. Each point increase was associated with a 21% improvement in all-cause mortality. The median age in the study was 63, meaning that your functional status in your early 60s is kind of a big deal.

Based on the study results, here’s an approximate average life expectancy based on score:

13 Years: Score of 8-10
12 Years: Score of 6-7.5
11 Years: Score of 3.5-5.5
10 Years: Score of 0-3

Cross training can easily improve your score

If you want to add meaningful years to your life, it makes sense to start working on power and flexibility, the two key determinants of your sit/rise score. Unfortunately, walking miles and miles won’t do the trick. Nor will getting up extra early to play tennis or golf. It doesn’t mean these can’t be fun, they just won’t move the needle when it comes to improving your health.

The good news is that you can rapidly improve your performance on the sit/rise test with cross training. Exercises like burpees, squats, lunges, pushups, and thrusters work your range of motion, power, and coordination in ways that directly improve your sit/rise score. Throw in some balance training and you’ll start adding quality years to your life in no time.

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