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San Diego Fitness Club - medicine ball workout
*“I could never find a fitness class that pushed me hard with people my own age. With the help of my trainers and friends at ClubRX, I’ve lost over 50 lbs and counting!”
San Diego Fitness Club member
*“In 6 months I lost 70 lbs, got a new girlfriend, and feel fit enough to start surfing again just like I used to. All thanks to ClubRX!”
Ken C.
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Our unique fitness program is designed to jumpstart your metabolism and will get you stronger, leaner, firmer and healthier than you ever thought possible.

You get personal attention and classes change every day so you're never bored!

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you’re just starting out!

It’s easy to get started even if you have no fitness experience at all. Our group fitness classes are perfect for beginners and our trainers are supportive and encouraging. We’ll help you work at your pace as you move on to the next level.


Here’s what our members are saying:

*“I was bored with my workouts and I couldn’t seem to shake my weight or my blood pressure medications. Now I love going to the gym and in only a few months I dropped 25 lbs and got off my medications.”
Bob M.
*“I love working out with people my own age who keep me pushing hard for results. There’s nothing like this anywhere!”
*"I feel as if I’ve evolved from 68 to 50 years old. I’m 45 pounds lighter and have reduced my waist size from 40 to 34 with eating habits that are satisfying and an exercise regimen that is demanding but fun. There’s nothing else like it!”
Paul F.
*“I love the group fitness and the high energy workouts. Finally a place where I get results and don’t have to worry about getting injured! I dropped 30 pounds and all my medications!”
Cy T.


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Ready for our 90-Day Challenge? Find the tools, guides and individual meals you need to reach your health goals in just 3 months.
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Want to learn more about the science behind the program and boost your performance even more with Dr. Dave’s nutrition & fitness tips?
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